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The italian company S.H.S. was estabilished in the year 1988 and is now active in the field of industrial automation and particularly in design, development and manufacturing of stepper motor drives and related products. Using SHS products (Hardware and Software) the company develops a series of applications on automatic machines in almost all industrial fields, like:

 - Packaging machines
 - Wood working machines
 - Machines for glass, ceramics, floor tiles
 - Textile field
 - Converting
 - Shoes and footwears industries

The experience of many applications in different markets, the new technologies, the constant engagement in the research, the strictest requirements of the modern automation have concurred "to govern the movement".
The continuous contact with the truth of the market and the objective to satisfy the demands in various market fields, helped S.H.S. to create a structure able to supply complete solutions in the stepping motors applications.
The products developed in the last years are implemented with high-performances microprocessors and SMD components.
Last generation drives are identified as series STAR 2000, are in position to communicate via RS232, RS485 with different types of controls topologies, like PLC, PC, HMI, etc...
SHS pay a particular attention to solutions with fieldbuses like PROFIBUS, CANBUS, MODBUS, etc.... These last characteristics show the innovative character of SHS in their specific field.